PHPSi (All-in-One) is not just limited to Automatic WordPress Mass Installer, Cloner and Manager, it's so much more..

Please check the home page after reading about Just WordPress Built-in Tools and you will be amazed, how many features it does offer in a single software.

This Software's WordPress Installer does everything automatically for you

After you fill in the required fields, blog installation's finished in less than a minute.

Look at the time it saves you:

* This Software's Desktop WordPress Installer creates and installs the database automatically, saving you at least 2 minutes.

* It uploads, installs, and configures WordPress automatically, saving you at least 6 to 10 minutes.

* It uploads and activates plug-ins automatically, saving you at least 1 to 2 minutes.

* It uploads and selects the theme automatically, saving you at least 3 minutes.

Total time saved = 12 to 17 minutes!

This Software's Desktop WordPress Installer does in 3 easy steps

What with manual installation usually takes the following 19:

(1) Use FTP client and login to the account,
(2) upload WordPress files,
(3) login to cPanel and create the MySQL database and user account,
(4) upload plug-ins,
(5) upload themes,
(6) edit the WordPress wp-config.php file to enter the database details,
(7) run WordPress Installation set-up via browser,
(8) login to WordPress Administrator Area,
(9) activate plug-ins,
(10) select a theme,
(11) delete the first post or edit,
(12) delete the first page or edit,
(13) use FTP client and change permissions on .htaccess file,
(14) set the WordPress permalink structure,
(15) change the default category name,
(16) change default Blogroll category name,
(17) change default Blogroll links/add new,
(18) update ping list, and (19) updates other various settings.

With our desktop WordPress installer you just have to

Run the software.

1) Add New Project -> Insert One or More

2) Fill the required fields

3) Click New Install >>

For multiple blog(s) installation:

1) Add New Project -> Insert Multiple

2) Fill the required fields

3) Click New Install >>

This will save you another extra 10 minutes per blog installation. Follow the same steps and you can install as many blogs as you like from a single project file.

Installation process features comparison between WordPress Standard, cPanel Fantastico, SimpleScripts, Softaculous and our desktop
WordPress Mass Blog Installer and Cloner

While InstallingWordPress ManuallycPanel Fantastico / SimpleScripts / SoftaculousDesktop WordPress
Desktop WordPress
Latest Version Availabilitywordpress managerdesktop wordpress installerwordpress desktop downloadwordpress installer
Multiple / Mass Blog Installationswordpress auto installerauto wordpress installerword press mass installerwordpress desktop installer
Clone / Duplicate / Migrate Pre-Installed and Fully Configured WordPress Blog to New Domains / Sub-Domains / Sub-Folders etc.desktop wordpress masswordpress windows softwarewordpress desktop all in onemass installer for wordpress
Automatic Creation of Databasewordpress instaaler and updaterdesktop wordpress mass blog installer and managerbulk wordpress installmass wordpress copy and install
Automatic Creation of Sub-Domainswordpress mass blog installerwordpress installer software for macdesktop wordpress mass blog installer and manager.wordpress blog manage software
Multiple Installations in ONE Databaseinstallation wordpress autobest desktop wordpress managerwordpress desktop masswordpress k2 demo
Automatic wp-config.php File Informationwordpress desktop bloggingbesty wordpress blog desktop managerwordpress update software windowsmultiple wordpress desktop manager
Automatic .htaccess File Permissionwordpress on windows desktopdesktop wordpress installer torrentwordpress dektop installerdesktop wordpress blog install
Automatic WordPress Installationwordpress blogs managerword press installer softwaresetting multiblog wordpress offlinewordpress remote installer
Administrator Account Setup at Promptword press installerdesktop software to manage wordpress sitesprogram that installs wordpresswordpressdesktop
Uploading and Automatic Activation of Plug-ins at Promptwordpress bulk backup toolwordpress installation manager[get] desktop wordpress blog installerwordpress automatic installer
Uploading and Automatic Activation of Themes at Promptwordpress manager desktop versionmultiple automatic wordpress installgravatar manager wordpresswordpress mass imstaller
First Post Setup at Promptbackup multiple wordpress blogswordpress management from desktopdesktop wordpress installer for macmass multiple wordpress installer
10 Pages Setup at Promptwordpress installer and managerwordpress installer managemass install wordpresswordpress manager for mac
Setting up Customized Categories at Prompt[get] wordpress mass installerwordpress mass blog toolmass wordpress installerwordpress software for windows
Setting up Customized Blogroll (list of links) at Promptwordpress mass installerwordpress desktopwordpress blog managerwordpress desktop manager
WordPress Admin (Setting Options) Setup at Promptwordpress installer softwaredesktop wordpress blog installerwordpress manager toolwordpress desktop software

- Installation via 'cPanel' fully compatible with cPanel v10, 11, 12 and cPanel Pro which includes "Hostgator, Bluehost, HostMonster, LunarPages" and many other cPanel based web hosting providers.

- Installation via 'FTP Method' support any and every Unix/Linux Web Hosting Company.


WordPress Mass Blog Installer and Cloner - Tool #1 alone is over $500 AND

Joomla! Installer and Cloner - Tool #2 alone is over $500 AND

Drupal Installer and Cloner - Tool #3 alone is over $500 AND

Multiple WordPress Blogs Manager - Tools #4 is over $250 AND

Article Publisher - Tool #6 is over $150

Article Creator - Tools #5 is over $100 AND

But offering it at $2000 would make it expensive for many folks who are working really hard out there to make their business happen. And since one of the great benefits of using a sub-domain, is saving the money of buying multiple domains and using subs instead - PHPSi (All-in-One) can pay for itself in a very short time just in few new domain fees.

$1500 ?

$1000 ?

$800 ?

$600 ?

$400 ?

$200 ?

$100 ?


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